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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Advance Cooling Of Radiators by Using Nanofluids

Author : Roheshkumar S. Lavate 1 Rameshwari V. Lalge 2

Date of Publication :26th April 2018

Abstract: After combustion of fuel the large heat is liberated inside the combustion chamber. The internal combustion engines are cooled by using either a liquid coolant or air. In air cooling system the air is flow over and around the cylinder, cylinder head and cylinder fins and carry away the heat. In water cooling system the coolant is circulate through a water jacket of cylinder head and cylinder wall. This coolant has absorb heat from the engine and dissipated to atmosphere by the device known as radiator. The Radiator contains number of horizontal tubes surrounded with fins. The heat is carry away by three modes of heat transfer namely Radiation, conduction and convection. Most of the convection takes place because of air flowing around the radiator fin and tube assembly and Conduction takes places between radiator tubes and fins. These coolant offer low thermal conductivity and poor heat transfer characteristics. There is large scope to design a high energy efficient, compact and light in weight automobile radiator by development of advanced nanofluids, which have better conduction and convection thermal properties and better heat transfer characteristics. This paper will introduce new concept of radiators that can adopt the high performance nanofluids. This advance cooling system also raises the total mechanical efficiency of the engine

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