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Analysis and Design of Four Legged 400kv Multi- Circuit Transmission Tower with Different Bracing Systems

Author : Yashodeep N. Borse 1 Dr. G. R. Gandhe 2

Date of Publication :26th April 2018

Abstract: Transmission tower design is very useful because they constructed to carry power lines at safe and sufficient distances from ground level due to high voltage. Transmission tower constitutes 28 to 42% cost of transmission lines. Cost of tower depends upon its configurations and bracing patterns used. Bracing members enhance the stiffness and reduce the slenderness ratio of the tower. In the present study, four-legged multi-circuit 400 kV self-supporting transmission towers having 20 line deviation consisting four different bracing models are considered. Four different bracing patterns i.e. Inverted V bracing, XBX bracing, X-X bracing and W bracing are considered in the lower body. For analysis and design STAAD.Pro software is used as 3D space. For wind, analysis IS 802 (1995) is used. Performance of towers with respect to axial forces and deflections is presented

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