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Comparative Study of Seismic Performance of Fixed and Base Isolation of Multi-Storey Building

Author : Avinash V. Ingole 1 D. S. Wadje 2 Dr. G. R. Gandhe 3

Date of Publication :26th April 2018

Abstract: Earthquake is one of major natural disaster in which many structures damage and collapse due to improper design against seismic forces. Earthquakes are affect the economy of the nation, so essential proper measures of prevention must be developed. There are many concepts of designing a building as earthquake resistant structure; the concept used in this paper is base isolation. There are many types of base isolation systems, lead rubber bearing (LRB) is used as base isolation system in this paper, LRB is most widely used as isolation system for buildings. In this paper, study of 8 storey building with regular floor plan of 20 m × 25 m size with fix at base and LRB at base is carried out. These building models are analysed using E-TABS 2015 software, to the action of lateral forces employing response spectrum method as per IS 1893 (Part I): 2002. The comparison of analysis of results in terms of story displacement, story drift, story shear and stiffness is presented here

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