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Stress Analysis of V-Stirrer Blade Made For Conical Agitation for MDF

Author : Dattatraya B. Misal 1 Jayant P. Borude 2 Nilesh D. Bagul 3

Date of Publication :26th April 2018

Abstract: This work gives approach for performing stress analysis of an agitator of a large mixing vessel used in pulping process plant. The analysis is carried out to estimate stress and deflection in agitator body. The agitator is subjected to vibration due to multi-axial forces resulting from bending and torsional loading imposed by the mixing operation. The approach followed in this work involves Stress analysis of agitator blade for unit displacement using FE method. The work also discusses an alternative approach for estimating stress amplitude variation through dynamic stress analysis. Research work gives solution for developing the agitator with V shaped weldment which is made by using weldment techniques. Agitator looks V shaped from Front view and circular hub is designed to hold the structure of agitator. Project gives result and validation on the basis of software tool as well as mathematical tool. This proves the strength in designed agitator. Along with agitation process of pulping stirrer is also considered which is mounted on top of the agitator hub

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