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Design Modeling and Experimentation of Linear Motion Transducer by Using Flexural Bearing

Author : Chetan S. Gaikwad 1 Shrikant B. Jadhav 2 Deepak A. More 3

Date of Publication :26th April 2018

Abstract: The availability and wide range of applications of low cost sensors have encouraged a demand for improved sensor performance. Smart sensors are becoming integral parts of system and are performing the functions that previously could not be performed. Displacement can be measured by using precise measuring instruments such as LVDT, laser instruments which offers high speed, high resolution and highly accurate laser sensors (non-contact linear position sensor) for measuring displacement and position. But all these instruments are very costly and require high maintenance and they are very complex in design. So there is need to develop a system which gives high accuracy as that of existing measuring instruments and should also have low manufacturing and running cost. Proposed system consists of unique design of flexural bearing which is highly sensitive to axial movement. Deflection of bearing is recorded by the strain gauges in the form of resistance. This resistance is converted into the voltage form using strain gauge module. This voltage is given to ARDUINO microcontroller and using MATLAB program the results are generated

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