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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Response of Retaining Wall to Support OB Dump under Active Earth Pressure Using Limit Equilibrium Method

Author : Chidanand M Jadar 1 K Madhan Mohan Reddy 2 Jyothi M T 3

Date of Publication :25th May 2018

Abstract: Retaining walls are the most common structures which are used to support the backfill. These structures are often seen at road and railway embankments, construction of residential and civil buildings and etc. In recent days, retaining walls are also constructed to hold back the soil of mine over burden dumps. In the present study, a 5m retaining wall is analyzed against active earth pressure. The wall is assumed to be vertical with rough surface. Soil parameters like cohesion, adhesion, angle of internal friction of soil are considered. Normally the density of OB dumps is noticed to be higher than that of regular density of soil what is considered in traditional analysis of the retaining wall. Hence, an augmented weight portions are considered in the present analysis. Failure surface is varied by changing the values of rupture surface angles. Using limit equilibrium method, equations to determine active earth pressure is derived. Simplex iteration technique is used to optimize the equation of active earth pressure. A detailed parametric study shows the variation of coefficient of active earth pressure against the variation of parameters like friction angle, cohesion, and adhesion and unit weight of soil. A sensitivity analysis is also done for the behavior of rupture surface by changing different soil parameters

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