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Multifunctional Mulching Machine Operations

Author : Sridhar CS 1 Mohan N 2 Ravi D Kalleshnavar 3 Manthesh jeeragal 4 Nishanth 5

Date of Publication :25th May 2018

Abstract: Plastic mulch layer Machine attached with a two wheel walking machine was designed and developed to help farmer who plastic mulch laying for control weed in bed. It consists of a main frame with hitching point, press wheels, plasticroll stand and disc start operation, lay plastic sheets on bed and then press wheels when two wheel walking machine move forward the plastic sheet will be pulled from the spool and laid on the soil bed, the both side of plastic sheet were buried by disc plows. Testing 3 model of plastic mulch layer machine include prototype model, the model of center of agriculture engineering practice nakhonsawan and the model of LG company in the watermelon field in prachinburi province. Average furrow bed size ws 1.05*0.52*0.23 meters(based bed x bed ridge x height). The result found that field efficiency were75.32,71.12 and 90.76 percent respectively and the efficiency of mulch were 94.68,94.68 and 62.0 percent respectively

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