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Solid Waste Segregation

Author : Arun Kumar.M.R 1 Ajay Karaddi 2 Komal Kumar.K.R 3 Anil 4 Altaf Surapur 5

Date of Publication :24th May 2018

Abstract: Plastic is one of the daily increasing useful as well as a hazardous material. At the time of need plastic is found to be very useful, but after its use, its simply thrown away, creating all kinds of hazards. Plastic is not biodegradable, so it will continue to be hazardous for more than centuries. The idea of this project is to find a use for this waste plastic scrap into something beautiful. The mixing of plastic with sand to create a new type of brick was put into thought. Since it is uneconomical to approach a local brick manufacturer for lending the machine, we designed and fabricated a brick manufacturing machine in the nearby engineering workshop. The machine was designed so as to fulfill our need for manufacturing brick in small quantity. The plastic scrap used was leftover pieces of bottles, cans etc. So, as a trial the plastic was chopped into small pieces and heat was supplied from below. After thorough mixing, the paste was poured into a rectangular mould with standard brick dimension. Local brick testing methods were conducted such as free fall of the brick and scratch test. In both of those tests, our brick showed increased strength. The brick was subjected to compressive test, water absorption test. The result showed that the plastic composite brick was efficient then the clay brick and cement brick

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