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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Design, Analysis, Simulation and Fabrication of a High Torque & Light weight Gearbox for ATV

Author : Manoneet Kumar 1 K. Brahma Raju 2 G. Chatapathi Raju 3

Date of Publication :25th May 2018

Abstract: To achieve high torque as compared to that of commercial gearboxes available in the automobiles, The concept of parallel line gear train has been used with required reductions in the RPM so as to achieve a High Torque required by ATVs (All- Terrain Vehicles). The objective of this paper is to Design and Fabricate a light weight- High Torque gearbox which must be compact enough to save the overall space in ATVs. As a series of Technological researches are going on for increasing the overall output power of commercial vehicles, my idea is far similar to the concept but the field of specialization is an All-Terrain Vehicles rather than defined range of Commercial Vehicles

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