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Design and Development of Single Screw Extruding Machine for Bio-Composites

Author : Vinod Kumar Biradar 1 Akshat Joshi 2 Aryan Kumar Jaiswal 3 Nithin S A 4 Shanthveerayya S H 5

Date of Publication :24th May 2018

Abstract: New advances in screw design and mixing sections have allowed processors to take advantage of new resins, higher production rates and improved product quality. The three main zones – compression, mixing, metering, of extrusion process must be considered while designing the extruder. The L/D ratio plays an important role in designing the screw. Material selection, power required, melt viscosity, and other important parameters are determined/calculated using suitable formulae. This project aims at designing a low- cost, portable single screw extruder. The main objective is to compact the size of the machine without harming its ability to extrude

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