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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Studies on Biocompatibility of shape memory alloys: A Review

Author : VybhaviShivakumar 1 A.G.Shivasiddaramiah 2 C.Shashishekar 3 U.S.Mallikarjun 4

Date of Publication :25th May 2018

Abstract: Shape memory alloys (SMAs) are the systems which retain their original shapes. Due to the applied thermo mechanical load SMAs undergo Martensitic phase transformation and when they are heated above certain temperature they recover their permanent strains. SMAs have drawn critical consideration and enthusiasm for recent years in the field of medicinal and commercial improvement, because of their novel and predominant properties; this advancement has been upheld by fundamental and applied research Studies. Thus, this article presents an extensive review on the research progress achieved and carried out in the sector of " shape memory alloys of biocompatibility" including an historical overview, outline of recent advances and proposes recent research objective and methodology for created opportunities

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