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A Study on Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregates by Quarry Dust and Cement with Fly Ash

Author : Angadikudethi Mohan Kumar 1 B.Moorthi 2 R.Yugandhar 3 V.Deepu 4 Shaik Jaheed Ali 5

Date of Publication :25th May 2018

Abstract: Quarry dust is a waste product obtained from quarrying , by and large it is characterized as the buildup. Quarry dust being overall, product will also likewise reduce environmental effect is devoured by development industry in vast amounts .Hence the utilization of quarry dust as in fine total in solid will reduce not only regular sand as well as decrease the natural issues. In addition, Generally in 10 to 25% by weight of Portland concrete. The utilization of mineral admixtures like fly ash remains in quarry clean cement by as incomplete substitution of cement, improves the pumping of the concrete, strength, durability and reduction of cement consumption. It also reduces the CO2 emission during the manufacturing of Portland cement. Therefore an attempt has been made to study the performance of organic, inorganic inhibitors dosage of 1%,2%,3% and 4% by weight of cement in quarry dust concrete to control the rebar corrosion. M20 grade of Concrete cube of size 150X150X150 mm, cylinder of size 150mm diameter and 300 mm long cast for compressive, split tensile tests after 3,7 and 28 days , curing the specimen cubes shapes have been tried

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