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Modelling and Analysis of Machining Characteristics of AlSiO2 composite on CNC Milling Machine

Author : Hemendra Patil 1 C.M. Krishna 2

Date of Publication :24th May 2018

Abstract: The machining of aluminum silicon oxide produced using rice husk is used in high speed conditions in CNC in light of the fact that such composites have extensive applications in the aeronautics industry. The motivation behind this examination is to research the impacts of cutting parameters on surface finish in high precision CNC processing machine because industry requires top-notch results, the forecast of surface roughness, which relies upon process parameters like speed, feed, and depth of cut, and step over ratio. An observational relationship is set up amongst dependent and independent factors from nine trials directed by Taguchi L9 orthogonal exhibit as linear regression conditions in MINITAB 18 software. The machining of AlSiO2 is done on rapid CNC processing machine utilizing face mill of diameter 50 mm and the outcomes are investigated

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