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Review on Advance Towed Artillery Gun System

Author : Omkar R. Girame 1 Hemant V. Kadam 2 Suvarna D. Khakal 3 Nilesh D. Bagul 4

Date of Publication :26th April 2018

Abstract: A Nation cannot be economically strong without Strong Defence. So, the defence is main factor for developing any country. India is developing country and India has DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) and ARDE (Armament Research and Development Establishment) to take care of Researches in Defence sectors. Indian Defence Ministry allows privet manufacturer to contribute in the production of the defence product. DRDO has launched the Advance Artillery Gun in collaboration with the Manufacturer Partner TATA Group and Bharat Forge LTD. named Advance Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS).ATAGS has several advantages over the recent artillery gun. ATAGS is the 155*52 Caliber gun which has firing range 45 km. ATAGS has made the world record to fire the range up to 48.074 km. during Indirect Firing. Production of Gun will start by 2019 on large scale at TATA Group and Bharat Forge LTD

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