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Mechanical Properties of A Ti -Xnb-3.5sn Alloy Synthesized by Mechanical Alloying and Cold Isostatic Pressure

Author : Abdel-Nasser Omran 1 Mohammed Y. Abdellah 2 Soltan Ghanim Al-Fadli 3

Date of Publication :13th June 2018

Abstract: A developed -Ti-xNb-3.5%Sn (wt%) alloy was synthesized by mechanical alloying of high energy ball milled powders and powder consolidation with cold isostatic pressure (CIP). The starting powder materials were as mixed powders and powders were produced by high energy ball milling (HEBM) for 1 hr, 2 hr, and 4 hr respectively. The bulk solid samples were fabricated by the (CIP at the temperature of 900-1050 oC for 2 hrs. It was found that the Ti was completely transformed from   phase after milling for 4 hr in the powder state, and almost transformed to -Ti phase with the sintered specimen at 1000 oC. The homogeneity of the sintered specimen increases as the milling time, Nb contents, and sintering temperature increase. Also, the hardness of the sintered alloys increases as the increase of sintering temperature, Nb contents and milling time, reached to a value of 400 HV with 4 hr milling time. The Young's modulus is almost constant for all sintered Ti-x%Nb-3.5%Sn specimens at different milling time. Young's modulus is law (62.-66Gpa) compared to the standard alloy of Ti-6Al-4V about (110 Gpa).

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