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Performance and Emission Analysis of Ci Engine Using Honge and Waste Plastic Based Biofuel

Author : Madhukar Gupta 1 Ajmal Hussain 2 Mohammed Umar 3 Nahiel Ahmed 4 Hemanth Kumar P 5

Date of Publication :21st June 2018

Abstract: Energy is an important input in all sectors of a country’s economy. Till date, the world in general and India in particular mainly depends on petroleum products as the energy source. Alternative fuels are the candidate fuels of the present and the future. More and more vehicles are switching over to alternative fuels worldwide, indicates a sure sign of their need. This work is mainly focused on using raw honge oil and waste plastic oil as alternative fuel in a CI engine. In the first phase of the study, different properties of honge oil and waste plastic oil fuels were evaluated and compared with that of neat diesel. In the second phase of the study, performance and emission parameters of neat diesel, diesel-honge oil blend (D80H20), diesel-plastic oil blend (D80P20), honge-plastic oil blend (H70P30) were analyzed at 180 bar, 200 bar and 220 bar injection pressure. The experimental results reveal that, better performance and emission characteristics among the biofuel blends at 200 bar injection pressure and that at 220bar for honge plastic oil blend

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