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Edwin AInfluence of Tool Rotational Speed, Feed Rate and Tool Material on Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded Aa6061 and Aa6082 Aluminium Alloy

Author : Rakeshnayaka.M 1 R.Suresh 2

Date of Publication :21st June 2018

Abstract: The major objective of this work is to investigate the effect of tool rotational speed, feed rate and tool material on the tensile properties of the friction stir welded AA6061 and AA6082 aluminum alloys plates of thickness 4mm. The tensile test was done for the joints prepared at different trials, fracture analysis was done with the help of a scanning electron microscope(SEM). From the analysis, it was found that there is no effect of tool material on the strength of the welded joint. Joint prepared at the tool rotational speed 1400rpm and feed rate 31.5mm/min shows the highest joint efficiency. SEM image of the fractured surface clearly shows that fracture occurred was of the type ductile

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