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Experimental Investigation on Strength of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Fine and Coarse Aggregates with Iron ore tailing and Rubber Chips

Author : Pavan D 1 Brijesh V 2 Balegattimath Veerabhadrayya S 3 Drakshayani Patil 4 Nayan Kumar D 5

Date of Publication :21st June 2018

Abstract: Concrete is a composite material composed of cement, fine aggregates, coarse aggregates and water. Now a day’s construction cost is very high with conventional material due to unavailability of natural materials. This problem can be solved by total replacement of concrete with the different material which is not convenient in terms of required properties. Due to this limitation of unavailability of material which plays the vital role of concrete we have the only choice of partial replacement of concrete ingredients by waste material. In this project, an attempt is made to find the variation in strength properties of concrete on partial replacement of fine aggregate and coarse aggregate by iron ore tailing (IOT)and rubber chips respectively. Experiments were conducted to determine the suitability of rubber chips and IOT as coarse aggregates and fine aggregates respectively for concrete. Compression, Split tensile and Flexure test were carried out for different percentage of rubber chips and IOT for 3%, 5%, 6%, 9%, 10%, 20% and 5%, 10%, 12%, 20%, 24%, 30%, 36% respectively. The results are convenient up to 50% usage of Rubber Chips and IOT

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