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Retrofitting of an Electric drive train in an I.C. engine Motorbike

Author : Avinash P 1 Harshith K.M 2 Nikhil R.H 3 Moshik G 4 Bharath V.G. 5

Date of Publication :21st June 2018

Abstract: The major disadvantage faced by the present I.C. Engine bikes in the market is that the exhaust coming out from the engine increases the pollution in the atmosphere. The fuel used to run those bikes is non-renewable and also when on run, the bikes give out a lot of noise also. The present electric motorbikes though having a lot of advantage over the conventional I.C. Engine motorbikes suffer when it comes to mileage. The objective of the paper is to build an electric motorbike which is economical and also to overcome the major disadvantage faced by the electric motorbike i.e. mileage (km/charge). The objective of the paper can be achieved by using economic materials and devices which are capable of increasing the mileage of the motorbike by using the energy liberated by the motor

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