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Experimental Study on Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil Using Waste Plastic Material

Author : Elavarasi. V 1 Niveditha B R 2 Shanta S Shastrimath 3 Ratna R Sunagar 4

Date of Publication :21st June 2018

Abstract: Infrastructure is a major sector that propels the overall development of the Indian economy. For good foundation and pavement, soil plays an important role. Expansive soils like black cotton soil always create problems in the foundation. To make the soil to be strong the addition of waste plastic to the soil will be an innovative technique for more stabilization. Soil stabilization is a process which improves the physical properties of the soil, such as increasing shear strength, bearing capacity etc.. which can be done by the use of controlled compaction or addition of suitable admixture like waste plastic. Plastic wastes have become one of the major problems of the world. Due to which we are facing environmental problems. This new technique of soil stabilization can be effectively used to meet the challenges of the society, to reduce the quantity of waste and to produce useful material from the non-useful material. The basic properties of the soil such as liquid limit, plastic limit, shrinkage limit, standard Proctor test, California bearing ratio (CBR), unconfined compressive(UCC) strength were considered. The replacement of the soil by waste plastic was carried out in four stages of 1%, 2%, 3% and 4%. Then with the replacement of plastic tests such as standard Proctor test, California bearing(CBR) test, unconfined compression(UCC) test were studied. A comparison made between the black cotton soil and black cotton soil with the replacement of plastic by various percentages

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