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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Water Quality Analysis and Environmental Imapct Studies on Varthur Lake

Author : Edwin A 1 Deepa K POL 2 Pallavi B C 3 Munikrishna.L 4

Date of Publication :21st June 2018

Abstract: The study was conducted to assess the surface and groundwater quality values of varthur lake which is a major tank in the south taluk. Samples were collected in clean and sterilized plastic bottles of 2-liter capacity. The samples were collected to examine the water quality in the month of February 2018 of Varthur lake and brought to the laboratory for physic-chemical parameters analysis. Selected Parameters were analyzed by standard methods of CENTRAL POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD OF INDIA. The surface and groundwater quality of Varthur Lake has exaggerated due to the consequent changes and urbanization which indicated the physicochemical concentrations of lakes found in high levels

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