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Strain-Hardening Effects during Plastic Buckling of Axially Compressed Aluminium Tubes

Author : Edgar Vivek Mendonca 1 Mujeeb Pasha 2 Dharnish R 3 Prashanth K 4 M Shreyas 5

Date of Publication :21st June 2018

Abstract: The paper investigates the effects of strain-hardening in aluminium (6063) circular tubes undergoing plastic buckling due to axial compression under quasi-static and dynamic loads. Experimentation includes the study of change in modes of deformation behavior and buckling for sets of annealed and as received tubes. Systematic studies were conducted to determine the effects of strain-hardening and strain rate. Quasi-static tests were conducted on as received (VHN-75) and annealed (VHN-35) tubes to characterize the deformation pattern and load-deflection behaviour. On a set of annealed tubes interrupted loading tests were conducted on intermittently annealed specimens to observe the effects of strain hardening. All the quasi-static test cases have been repeated under dynamic loading conditions for different velocity ranges

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