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Development of a Computer Aided Performance Prediction Model for Hydraulic Brake System

Author : Yadhu S Aswan 1 Srihari.P.V 2 Shivdayal Prasad 3

Date of Publication :24th May 2018

Abstract: Innovations in the automobile sector are growing at an alarming pace. Industries are moving through a phase of trusting virtual data similar to actual physical data for implementation. For a vehicle, the brake system is a critical component and its performance is crucial. Design and performance evaluation process existing in industries is a time consuming and costly process. A performance prediction model that could predict the performance of a Non-ABS hydraulic brake system, in terms of stopping distance and MFDD, is elaborated in this paper. The model consists of three sections: Pre-processor, Solver and Post-processor and is coded in MATLAB. Outputs of the model include the performance parameter data and design evaluation data at each checkpoint in the brake system. The model was tested on a commercial vehicle. Physical testing of the vehicle was conducted on NATRAX, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA. On comparison of predicted performance parameters with the physical testing data, co-relation resulted is about 97%. Thus validation of the model proved that it could be used in industries as an alternative to the testing process

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