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Thermal Performance of Solar Air Collector: A review

Author : Gaurav Samadhiya 1 Rohit Singh 2 J.L. Bhagoria 3 A. Rehman Siddiqui 4

Date of Publication :24th May 2018

Abstract: Solar Air Heater shape the primary element of solar strength utilization gadget which absorbs the incoming solar radiation, converting it into thermal strength at the soaking up floor, and transferring the power to a fluid flowing through the collector. The performance of solar air heater has been located to be low due to low convective heat transfer coefficient among absorber plate and the flowing air which increases the absorber plate temperature, results in heat losses to the environment, ensuring in the low thermal performance of such collectors. Artificial Roughness is the handiest and financial manner of improving the thermal performance of solar air heater. This paper gives an in-depth review of the research accomplished on an artificial roughened plate of solar air heater. The objective of this paper is to study diverse studies, executed on the thermo-hydraulic performance of artificially roughened plate of solar air heater. The assessment provided in this paper might be beneficial for the researchers operating in this place

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