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Durability Grading of Steel Bridge Facilities Considering the Degradation of Steel and Coating

Author : Hyun-Seop Shin 1 Joon-Seok Park 2 Kyu-San Jung 3 Ki-Tae Park 4

Date of Publication :2nd October 2018

Abstract: Steel bridges are extremely vulnerable to corrosion that needs continuous and proper maintenance. In order to achieve efficient and economic maintenance, the execution of rational condition evaluation as well as repair and strengthening should be addressed in terms of safety and durability to prevent the occurrence of serious structural defect. The present study proposes a methodology that evaluates quantitatively the condition of coated steel using a degradation model and, based on the so-obtained results, evaluates quantitatively the durable performance of the steel bridge facilities by means of durability grades. Considering that the factors causing the degradation of coated steel are the rust of steel itself or the flaking, checking, blistering or chalking of the coating, the degradation model is derived from the relationship between the service life and the total degradation score obtained from the condition evaluation related to each of these factors. In addition, criteria for the grade classification assessing the durability grade of coated steel are derived based upon the degradation model.

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