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Linear Dynamic Response Spectrum Analysis on Different Geometric Plans of Frame Tube Structures

Author : Mohammed Muqeet Ali 1 M A Azeem 2

Date of Publication :8th January 2019

Abstract: For the purpose of study of geometry of frame tube structures in this report frame tube structure has been modelled in four different geometries namely Square, Rectangular, Triangular and Circular. And each geometry having variation in number of stories namely G+20, G+30, G+40 and G+50 stories are considered to study the effects of variation of height of the structure. All the models having approximately equal area and similar identical member sectional properties and identical loading, The Linear Dynamic Response Spectrum Analysis is performed on a total of sixteen building models. It was observed that the square model shows reduction in top story displacement up to 16.55% of rectangular model, 1.84% of triangular and 6.93% of circular model. As we know that with the increase in height of a structure the displacement of the structure also increases, it is observed that the story displacements are increased in G+30 story by 27%, in G+40 story by 42% and in G+50 story by 50% to that of a G+20 story models. The square model shows reduction in inter story drift up to 15.89% of rectangular model, 2.53% of triangular model and 6.40% of circular model. The square model shows reduction in story shear up to 17.12% of rectangular model, 11.68% of triangular model and 5.06% of circular model.

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