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The Behavior of Building Structure for Point Displacement: The Use of Moment Resisting Frame of Steel Structure on Beam-Column Connection

Author : Mulyadi Wiguna Slamet 1 2

Date of Publication :28th January 2019

Abstract: Nowadays, multi-storey building use Flush End-Plate and Extended End-Plate. This study aims to compare the bolt beam - column connection to review the behavior of multi-storey building structure with the use of moment resisting frame of steel structure. This study use using Bearing Type Connection Method (in the form of shear loads and bending moments) to generate results of as rotation, translation, and stiffness of two the end plates. In further, the results can be transformed into structural building behavior such as point displacements. The results show that the Flush End-Plate will have greater rotation and translation, but lower stiffness. Thus, the multi-storey building that use Extended End-Plate will have lower rotation and translation but have the greater stiffness. This means the multi-storey building that use Extended End-Plate has a smaller point displacement compare to the Flush End-Plate. The research implication reveals to suggest the structure engineer and designer to objectively to use the types of connections (rigid, Flush End-Plate and Extended End-Plate) that suit to the function, as long as the building is strength, stable and comfort.

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