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Experimental investigation of Triangular Shell Foundation by varying Edge Beam dimension and Embeddment Ratio

Author : Anjali V 1 Sreevidhya V 2

Date of Publication :10th April 2019

Abstract: Shell foundations derive their strength from their geometry rather than mass. This characteristic enables them to obtain maximum structural integrity with minimum consumption of materials. The shell footings are capable of supporting higher vertical loads, better load settlement characteristics and are economical in terms of material compared with the conventional footings. Here in this project a study on the load settlement behavior of triangular shell footing by varying edge beam dimensions and embedment ratio is carried out. An edge beam of dimensions 35mm, 45mm and 50 mm are used. The behavior of the same is analyzed by placing geotextile at different depths of 0cm, 25cm and 50 cm . Then the result obtained are compared with conventional flat slab footing. Plate load test is the important test used in this project. This study strengthen the case of triangular footings by confirming its superiority in the aspect of lower settlement characteristics.

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