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Lateral and pullout behavior of vertical pile embedded in oil contaminated sand

Author : Lekshmy S Nair 1 Anju E M 2

Date of Publication :24th April 2019

Abstract: Rapid growth of industrialization results oil contamination. Oil spills and oil leakage from the storage tanks is one of the main problems facing the oil producing countries in the world. The contaminated soils are a challenge not only for the environment but also for the geotechnical engineers. It pollutes subsurface water, changes the behavior of soil and also its engineering properties and loss in strength of soil, which leads to differential settlement and cracks in existing foundation of structures. Thus main aim of the study was to discover the influence of oil contaminated soil on the lateral and uplift behavior of pile. Comparative model tests were performed on pile in clear sand. The investigations were done by changing the percentage of oil content, thickness of contaminated layer and relative density. For matching field conditions contaminated soil layer was prepared by mixing the sand with oil content of 0-3% with regard to dry soil. The results indicated that the uplift and lateral resistance was drastically reduced by oil contamination. The results from the study can be used for the geotechnical purpose and can benefit engineers for the safe and economic construction of a structure on the oil contaminated soil.

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