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Effect of Deep Column Stabilization in Clayey Soil

Author : Oshin Ann Mathews 1 Soumya Jose 2

Date of Publication :12th April 2019

Abstract: Construction works on soft clay foundations are often very challenging and very complex task since since they are generally characterized by its low strength properties. Still clayey soils are widely used for construction purposes due to economic reasons. As the sites for construction are being limited day by day the ground improvement technology becomes a rapidly developing field. This study examines the geotechnical improvement of clay soils using the jarofix column technique on a laboratory-scale model. Industrial effluent Jarofix provided as deep columns in clay soil for improving its properties. Remolded compacted clay soil blocks were carefully prepared in circular steel test tanks with jarofix piles installed in them. The treated soil block properties were then investigated as a function of radial column distances and curing periods. Curing period is taken as 14, 28, and 56 days and radial distance is taken as 2D and 3D of jarofix column. There will be significant changes in the unconfined compressive strength of the treated soils due to the clay–jarofix reactions

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