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Experimental Study on Uplift Capacity of an Inclined Square Plate Anchor

Author : Rinku L. Raghavan 1 Sreekumar N. R 2

Date of Publication :17th April 2019

Abstract: Anchors are the soil anchoring method for resist the tension forces and uplift forces subjected to structure such as transmission towers, buried pipe lines, retaining walls, tents etc. There are three types of plate anchors are mainly used based on their load application- vertical, horizontal and inclined plate anchors. So many studies are done for the determination of uplift capacities of vertical and horizontal plate anchors. Only few studies are carried out for the determination of uplift capacity of inclined plate anchors. The uplift resistance of inclined plate anchors in layered soil is not yet studied. The present laboratory study was done to determine the uplift capacity of an inclined square plate anchor of size 75mm in layered cohesionless soil. The effect of angle of inclination (α), density of sand and thickness of loose layer (HL) were investigated through the small scale model test. The different layer of sand is prepared with locally available sand at 30% and 70% relative densities corresponding to the thickness of layer.

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