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Comparative Study of LM6 – Graphite Particulate Metal Matrix Composites. -A Good Substitute of Automobile Brake Drum.

Author : P.P.Sarvan 1 2

Date of Publication :17th April 2019

Abstract: LM6/Graphite Particulate Metal Matrix Composites (PMMC) have enhanced material properties for a variety of general and special applications in aerospace and automotive industries owing to their superior strength to weight ratio and high temperature resistance. Aluminium alloys with Graphite in different compositions shows extraordinary qualities because Graphite particles provide high resistance to wear in the composite. The widespread adoption of particulate metal matrix composites for engineering applications has been hindered by the high cost of producing components. Although several technical challenges exist with casting technology yet it can be used to overcome this problem. Achieving a uniform distribution of reinforcement within the matrix is one such challenge, which affects directly on the properties and quality of composite material. In the present study a modest attempt has been made to develop aluminium based graphite Particulate Metal Matrix Composites with an objective to develop a conventional low cost method by Stir casting Process. Aluminium alloys has been chosen as matrix and Graphite (different grain size) as the reinforcement material. Experiments are conducted by varying weight fractions of Graphite (2%, 4%and 6%) and grain size of Graphite if necessary. i.e. aluminium matrix composites are not a single material but a family of materials whose stiffness, strength, density, thermal and electrical properties can be tailored. The PMMC is to be casted and conduct various tests and compare this with Stainless steel whether it is suitable for Automobile Brake drum.

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