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Numerical Simulation of Electrical Conductivity for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite

Author : Himanshu Gupta 1 Anand Kumar 2 Jitendra Bhaskar 3

Date of Publication :10th May 2019

Abstract: Carbon fiber composite are generally used in aerospace due its high structural properties. Other than structural properties, Electrical conductivity of composites also play major role such as under lightning strike and health monitoring. Electrical conductivity of carbon fiber is very good. But, Electrical conductivity of carbon composite is as not good as carbon fiber due to use of polymer as matrix. In this paper, electrical conductivity of carbon fiber composite have been numerically simulated using waviness model and curing pressure of composite fabrication as a parameter. This model was successfully implemented unidirectional composites. Conductivity in longitudinal direction conductivity was found to 50 times more than transvers direction.

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