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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Analysis of Different Shapes of Pylon on Extra Dosed Bridge

Author : Pratiksha Singh 1 Rajendra Kumar Srivastava 2

Date of Publication :1st July 2019

Abstract: Bridge eases the mode of transportation by providing ways to cross the obstacles. Bridge not only helps us to commute from one place to the other but also let us create a passage through impassable objects. Extra dosed bridges are the bridges which have properties in between girder bridge and cable-stayed bridge. These bridges follow the robustness and rigidity of box girder bridge and aesthetics and modernity of cable stayed bridges. They tend to have deeper girder and lower tower height as compared to other bridges. In this paper, analysis of different shapes of pylon like A-Shape, H-Shape, and inverted Y- Shape on Extra dosed bridge is done under static and dynamic loading. The CSI BRIDGE software has been used for modeling and analysis. Analysis of static load, dead load, and moving a vehicular load on the bridge is done. Models are made keeping the structural property and dimensions same, the only change is made in the construction of shape of a pylon. This paper would be helpful for the selection of the appropriate shape of the pylon for Extra dosed bridges. The results have shown that most of the response quantities for inverted Y pylon shape are less as compared to other pylon shapes considered in this study. Hence it is concluded that inverted-Y pylon shape is statically and dynamically stronger than any other pylon shapes under the action of loads considered in this study.

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