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Seismic Analysis and Effect of Different Deck Types Used In Cable-Stayed Bridges

Author : Rinki Verma 1 V. K. Singh 2

Date of Publication :1st July 2019

Abstract: Cable stayed bridge had three important superstructure components deck, cables and pylons, these three component are combined in such a way so they can transfer the load to the foundation, in transferring the load, the load comes first to the deck which push the deck down from there load comes to the cable as tensile force and from the cable, the load comes on pylon which transfer the load to the foundation. There are different types of deck and girder used in cable stayed bridge. Cable stayed bridge deck need to be flexible for large span bridge so it can be bear the different type of load and transfer the load easily. Because these types of bridge constructed as River Bridge and there is gaping between the pylons is used for navigation. In the research study analysis had done for three typed of concrete deck section along with girder of different depth and compare them to evaluate which one perform better under the various load combinations of dead, vehicle and earthquake load as per IS 1893:2016. As per analysis result the exterior sloped girder deck type of depth 3m perform efficiently.

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