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Design of Tracked System for Stair Climbing

Author : Rishab Kant Dubey 1 Jitendra Bhaskar 2 S.K. Singhal 3 Gaurav Kesari 4

Date of Publication :17th May 2019

Abstract: Stair Climber is a device that can comfortably climb on the stair as well as move on the flat and inclined surface. Stair climber can be used effectively for transporting small weight in places involving stairs repetitively. This paper proposes a tracked system based stair climber which can carry small weight on the stair, flat surfaces and also on inclined planes. Static Analysis of the stair climber with and without grousers was performed and is discussed along the stair ascending process. The tracked system designed in this paper can be adopted in places in order to save manpower on repetitive and hazardous work.

Reference :

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