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Seismic Response of Tall Buildings with Different Types of CFST Columns

Author : Kajol Priya 1 Dr. Kailash Narayan 2 Abhishek Mishra 3

Date of Publication :13th June 2019

Abstract: Concrete filled steel tube columns are the columns in which concrete is filled into the steel tube. Concrete filled steel tube (CFST) is gaining more popularity in present time in construction area, mainly due to its simple construction sequence and superior structure performance. The concrete filled steel tube (CFST) members are ideally suited for all application because of their effective usage of construction material. In tall buildings these CFST columns performed excellently when building is subjected to lateral loading. In this paper we study the seismic behaviour of (G+19) storey tall building situated in Zone IV through Response spectrum analysis method using ETAB-2017 software. The main focus of the study is to evaluate the performance of building with CFST (concrete filled steel tube) columns under seismic loading considering two different models i.e RCC building with rectangular CFST columns and RCC building with circular CFST columns. For this analysis structural members considered in both models are of same cross section area and both structures are designed for same loading conditions. The main objective of this paper is to find out the best among the two considered sections of concrete filled steel tube(CFST) columns in terms of seismic response and compare their seismic parameters (stiffness, storey displacement etc)

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