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Seismic Demand Evaluation of Different Bracing Systems on Elevated Reinforced Concrete Water Tanks

Author : Meraj Ahamad 1 V.K. Singh 2

Date of Publication :13th June 2019

Abstract: This paper deals the response of elevated water tank with different bracings system under seismic and gravity loads. In the present work, three types of bracings system horizontal, diagonal and inverted-V bracing with 800 m3 capacity situated in Zone V (soft soil) using software like SAP (V20.2) and ETABS(V17.0.1) software done by response spectrum method and the compare the seismic parameters for staging of tank as per IS:1893-2016(I), Eurocode-8, and ASCE-7 by Etabs software. It is observed that the maximum time period of model 3 (Inverted-V bracing) is 63.18% and model 2 (Diagonal bracing) is 58.10% less than model 1 (Horizontal bracing) and base shear of model 3 is 138.89% and model 2 is 131.12% more than model 1 and storey displacement of model 3 is 68.67% and model 2 is 49.43% less than model 1 and maximum overturning moment of model 3 is 137.17% and model2 is 130.16% less than model 1 .

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