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Seismic Performance of Building with Different Concrete Encased Steel Composite Columns

Author : Shobha Yadav 1 Dr Kailash Narayan 2 Abhishek Mishra 3

Date of Publication :12th July 2019

Abstract: Presently Earthquakes are most frequent natural hazard occurred in India and as a result lots of life and property damage due to sudden failure of the structure, therefore it’s important to give special attention to design and to improve the seismic performance of multi-storey buildings. Use of structural steel in RCC building make building more ductile and earthquake resistant. Composite structure are advance structure over RCC structure and Steel structure. In composite structure both concrete and structure steel were used and work as a single unit under gravity and seismic forces. In this paper seismic response of composite structures are presented, Response spectrum method is used for the analysis of (G+14) residential multi-storey building with different composite column located in zone IV using ETABS(2017) software. In this paper analysis results studied and compare their seismic parameters with ordinary RCC building as per IS 1893:2016 (Part I). It is found that building with composite column (concrete encased steel tube composite column) perform better than ordinary RCC building under seismic loading.

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