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Study on The Effect of IRC Loading On Plate Girder Under City Areas

Author : Shubhi Ojha 1 Dr. R.K. Srivastava 2

Date of Publication :18th July 2019

Abstract: Thework presents the study on the effect of IRC Loading on Plate Girder coming under city areas. In the Indian subcontinent Plate Girders supported over piers and abutments are being used for a long time. The moment resisting capacity of Plate Girders is between rolled I section and truss girders. They are basically I beams comprising separate structural plates made up of steel which may either be welded, bolted or riveted. Most of the plate girders are normally prefabricated and the limit for the length of the plate girder is set by the mode of transportation used to move the girder from the bridge shop to the bridge site. The normal practice nowadays is to use welded plate girder because of the advancement in welding techniques. For analysis welded plate girder is considered as it is economical as compared to riveted/bolted plate girder. It is evident that the welded plate girder is far superior to the riveted or bolted girder in terms of simplicity and efficiency. Here a Plate Girder of 25 m length is considered and the effect of the IRC Loading is studied. The girder is initially designed manually using limit state method and all results are further verified on CSI BRIDGE software.

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