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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Experimental study on lateral behavior of step tapered piles in sand

Author : Archana Prakasan 1 Oshin Ann Mathews 2

Date of Publication :18th July 2019

Abstract: Abstract— Pile foundations are used to account for huge vertical, uplift and lateral loads due to live loads, dead loads, earthquake, wind, impact, waves and lateral earth pressure etc. Uniform cross section piles are commonly used in the practice, increasing loads on these structures has resulted in piles of large diameter and depth at a significantly higher cost. Analysis presented here is intended to provide important information to geotechnical design regarding the behavior of the step tapered piles. Experiments were performed on single step tapered piles embedded in sandy soil under independent lateral loading. The investigations were done by changing the taper length, L/D ratio of pile, and relative density of sand. The results indicate that use of step tapered piles is highly effective in resisting lateral loads due to the enlargement or strengthening of the upper section of piles.

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