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Effect of Vertical Loads on Skirted Circular Footing in Slope

Author : Manju P.S 1 Oshin Ann Mathews 2

Date of Publication :18th July 2019

Abstract: Many situations exist where the foundations must be constructed on or near slopes. Buildings, bridges, and abutments in hilly regions are the examples of such constructions. Foundation must be properly designed for such cases. Cost saving is considered when using shallow foundations instead of deep foundations to support structures, near or on slopes. But in such cases, the ultimate bearing capacity would be reduced because the footing is closer to a slope crest. An alternative method to improve the ultimate bearing capacity was investigated by using skirted circular footing. Skirted circular footings are more economical than deep foundation. In this study laboratory investigation on the effect of vertical loads on skirted circular footing in slopes were determined. The experiments were done using plate load test by varying the parameters such as length to depth ratio of the footing, distance from the crown of the slope to the edge of the footing. The results indicate that skirted circular footing has high ultimate bearing capacity.

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