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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Engine Performance Assessment through Solid Fins with & without Perforations

Author : Thaniparthi Hari Kiran 1 Velidi Ganesha Sai 2

Date of Publication :19th July 2019

Abstract: Now a days machines become a part in human life. Our every moment is in their hands. Updating that machines means updating ourselves. And in such machine, there is no machine without losses and that losses too mostly due to the heat. As you consider mobiles, computers, vehicles everything produces heat and we need to cool down them to work efficiently. How effectively you cool them that much efficiently they work. Majority of cooling systems are incorporated with air cooling. As the water heated in water cooling are cooled by air cooling that itself indicates importance of air cooling. Air cooling have many advantages but the thing is they are a bit costlier. This air cooling is done due to solid fins which are heat exchangers used to increase the flow of air. The advancement in that heat exchange process is perforations on fins. In the present paper the matters deal with effect of size, shape of perforations & their number present on fins on the efficiency of heat exchange. The parameters change due to perforations and the effect of that parameters on the heat exchange which in turn effects engine performance. All the simulation is done with ANSYS 15.0

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