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Production of Functionally Graded Material by Powder Metallurgy

Author : Harsh. R. Shah 1 Sehul Mehta 2 Dhrumil Mehta 3 Harsh. Y. Shah 4 Kirtan Patel 5 Nirvan Sharma 6 Dipali Pandya 7

Date of Publication :21st August 2019

Abstract: The urge of getting properties of different components in a single engineering component is rising as technology surges. Typically, we desire a component must possess low wear resistance or thermal conductivity at its surface also with high interior toughness. For this manufacturing of Functionally Graded Material (FGM) becomes essential. Constitutional variation is the main factor on which the performance of FGM is dependent. Hence, it is mandatory to optimize the compositional distribution in FGM.There are many techniques which have been imposed to manufacture FGMs, including physical and chemical vapor deposition, sintering, plasma spraying, electroplating, Powder metallurgy and combustion synthesis. In this research FGM has been fabricated by powder metallurgy which is efficient and reliable method. This technique includes processes like cold compacting and sintering.By this method microstructure, composition and shape can be controlled. In this research FGM of Silicon carbide (Sic) and Aluminium (Al) has been made successfully. Also, test of mechanical properties and microstructure studies has been carried out.

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