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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Optimization of Process Parameter in Precision Turning On Hytech CNC Lathe by Using Taugchi Method: A Review

Author : Shakeel 1 Nausad Khan 2 Sajid Khan 3

Date of Publication :5th September 2019

Abstract: The machining processes is commonly used by manufacturing industries in order to produce precision component and very intricate products in a short time. The selection of the process parameter for optimizing and evaluate the results in machining operation is a very difficult task so here we select the some important parameter for optimizing the results and improve the efficiency. The process parameter are namely surface roughness, tolerance and cutting parameter like as cutting speed and dept of cut and feed rate and other parameter on Hytech CNC lathe machine which is to be taken for the study. This present work is carried out on turning process parameter on Hyper CNC lathe by using Taguchi method. The main objective of the present paper is to build a model to facilitate optimization problems in manufacturing processes. Due to improvement in the machining processes, a special concentration has been given on the life of a tool. To achieve that, the best way is to coat the tool with PVD and CVD techniques. By doing so an optimized machining condition under coated tool can be obtained to improvise the output parameters like tool life, surface finish etc. This paper provides literature review on machining parameters, such as cutting speed (Vc), feed (f) and depth of cut (t), and surface roughness and close tolerances of different material. This paper reviews the optimization of cutting parameters for surface roughness in the turning process. Surface roughness is one of the most commonly used criteria to determine quality and smoothness, tolerances of a turned surface. Taguchi method is a powerful tool to design optimization for quality. It is used to find the optimal cutting parameters such as cutting speed, feed rate, depth of cut and nose radius as the overall cost can be reduced. This paper gives some background of optimization technique applied to various turning processes for improving surface roughness.

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