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A Review Paper Based On the Investigation of Catalytic Fuel Reformer for Diesel Engine

Author : Tanuj 1 Nausad Khan 2 Rone 3

Date of Publication :9th October 2019

Abstract: Diminishing of fossil fuel sources, steep rise in fuel price, growing of demand and environmental hazards shove the worldwide researcher’s to seek the possible alternative fuels for internal combustion engines. It is necessary to reduce consumption of the fossil fuel due to negative effects on environment. Particularly search of suitable alternative fuel for compression ignition engine is very important because of their wide application. Therefore scientist and researchers all over the world working hard to utilize the new technologies that allowed the re-cyclic and reuse of the waste material as a source of energy. In this research work, a catalytic fuel reformer is designed and fabricated with suitable size. The waste engine oil is selected as an alternate fuel for the compression ignition engine. Cracking the waste engine oil in the catalytic fuel reformer, the catalyst such as alumina, fly ash, red mud and zeolite 4A are selected. The waste engine oil has to be cracked with each catalyst individually.

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