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A Review Paper on Helical Gear on FEM and AGMA Standard for Computation and Comparative Study of Stress Induced on Gears

Author : Ravi 1 Nausad Khan 2 Rone 3 Udham singh 4

Date of Publication :10th October 2019

Abstract: Gears are one of the most critical components in mechanical power transmission systems. The bending and surface strength of the gear tooth are considered to be one of the main contributors for the failure of the gear in a gear set. Thus, analysis of stresses has become popular as an area of research on gears to minimize or to reduce the failures and for optimal design of gears. This thesis investigates the characteristics of involutes helical gear system mainly focused on bending and contact stresses using analytical and finite element analysis. To estimate the bending stress, three-dimensional solid models for different number of teeth are generated by Pro/Engineer that is a powerful and modern solid modeling software and the numerical solution is done by ANSYS, which is a finite element analysis package. The analytical investigation is based on Lewis stress formula.

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