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Hyperspectral and Geochemical Signatures Study of Indutrial Steatite Deposit Around Bhahaddurghatta-Hosahatty Village of Chitradurga Taluk, Karnataka, India

Author : Basavarajappa H.T 1 Abrar Ahmed 2 Manjunatha M.C 3

Date of Publication :4th June 2020

Abstract: Steatite with wide diversified applications and varied compositions is one of the most important industrial materials. In 2013, India ranked 2nd position in terms of quantum production of Steatite and talc mineral. Each steatite deposit being unique needs to be characterized in terms of its genesis and more so in respect of ultramafic-derived steatite deposits which although minor account for the best in terms of quality and application. Steatite is a massive variety of talc (hydrothermally altered ultramafic rock) occurs associated with ultramafic rocks of the Sargur Group and Bababudan Group. Steatite is a soft talcose rock that is easily carved even with stone, bone or metal tools. In the Bronze Age, steatite vessels seemed to become more common. The present study demonstrates the geochemical and hyperspectral characterization of steatite deposits in Bhahaddurghatta-Hosahatty village. This deposit occurs to be linear shaped with almost NNW-SSE direction. Transmitted light microscope, SEM-EDX and Spectro-Radiometer instruments were actively utilized as methodology on economic deposits of steatite in the study area. The spectral signatures of the collected samples were derived in laboratory environment to achieve better accuracy based on their physico-chemical and optical properties. The lab spectral absorptions were studied with the spectra of USGS and JPL mineral library. The final results highlight the characterization of industrial steatite deposits for its effective mapping and utilization.

Reference :

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