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Experimental Study on wear behaviour of Al TiO2 Metal Matrix Composites Processed through Stir Casting Method

Author : Mohan Kumar K S 1 Doddaswamy V 2

Date of Publication :17th July 2020

Abstract: In recent trend Aluminium based metal matrix composites are most commonly used in mechanical and automobile component design applications because of their excellent mechanical, Tribological and its physical properties. Also Aluminium metal matrix composites are used for a variety of applications such as military, aerospace, electrical industries and automotive purposes. This paper presents Tribological tests results of pure Aluminium with 0%, 3%, 6%. And 9% TiO2 reinforcement. The reinforcement was in the shape of particles with size of 44 microns, and the technology for producing of composite was stir casting. Dry sliding wear tests of the specimens were conducted using pin-on-disc test apparatus conforming to ASTM G99 standards with electronic data acquisition system. EN32 hardened steel disc with a hardness of 65HRC and Ra value of 2.5-3.5 μm was used as the counter surface. The wear displacement with respect to sliding distance of different test specimens at different loads were studied and analysed.

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