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Experimental Study Comparison of Performance of Concrete with Waste Paper, Steel Fiber and Carbon Fibers

Author : Prof. Mayura M. Yeole 1 Rushikesh K. Jadhav 2 Saurabh G. Rakshe 3 Harshal M. Shinde 4 Kaustubh S. Chougule 5

Date of Publication :8th July 2020

Abstract: The compressive, tensile and flexural performance of reinforced concrete structures is investigated with inclusion of waste paper, steel fibers and carbon fibers. The mass content of the additives used are 10%, 15% and 20% of total mix proportion. Twenty-seven cubes were tested under uniaxial compression and nine beams are tested under four-point bending. Also, 27 cylinders are tested for determination of tensile strength. The size of the cubes considered are 150 x 150 mm. Test results for all the three additives for axial compressive strength, tensile strength and ultimate strain of concrete significantly, will be presented in this project with the detail study of the material flexural behaviour. In flexure, the fibers increase the lateral load bearing capacity and the deflection several times larger than the concrete cubes. In flexure, fiber inclusion can affect the failure mode of the composite structure significantly. This experimental investigation is carried out under mix proportions i.e. M20 and the results of the durability tests are compared with the same mix proportionated concrete cubes. The beams for flexure made of Papercrete, steel fibres and carbon fibers are compared with the conventional concrete beams under four-point bending test. The size of beams under compression loading considered are 2000 x 100 x 200 mm. The main aim of this project is to increase the awareness of the use of natural and waste fibers as construction materials in the construction industry.

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